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6 Qualities I Look For in a Potential Client That Lead to Your Success

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When we get on a Wellness Strategy Call it’s an opportunity for us to get to know each other. I’m selective about who I work with, virtually and in-person, and I’ve told a few people “no” because they just weren’t a good fit, they weren’t ready or I knew I couldn’t help them with their goals.

What makes someone a good fit for my services and programs? What do I look for in a “good” client who is destined for success? In the time I’ve been working with clients, I’ve come to notice certain qualities that the successful ones have that help them achieve their health goals.

In this post I'll go into 6 qualities that I look for in potential clients that I believe help them to achieve their health and wellness goals.

1. You Know Exactly Why You’re Doing This

This quality is #1 for a reason. You don’t make major changes without knowing exactly why you want to make them. It's a lifelong process, it’s going to get hard, you’re going to want to quit, but your WHY will push you to keep going.

Get clear on what your reasons are. Here are some that I've heard:

  • Because you’ve taken care of everyone else your entire life and now it’s time to take care of you

  • Because you’re tired of your digestive issues running your schedule

  • Because your PMS is negatively affecting your relationship with your partner and your family

  • Because you have a family history of heart disease or hypothyroidism and don’t want to follow in your family’s footsteps

  • Because you’re sick of not sleeping well and feeling exhausted everyday

  • Because really want to lose the weight, have clearer skin and be healthy for your family

Figure out what your motivation is and put it into words. Don't worry about it not being good enough. If it matters to you, it’s a good enough reason to seek out some guidance.

2. You’re Willing and Ready to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Making major changes in your life is never easy. Your mind will tell you that change is scary and dangerous. It will convince you that you’re not capable of making the changes you need to make. It holds you back in an effort to keep you safe inside your comfort zone.

Working with me will require that you step outside what you're used to. You may have to change your diet, give up coffee/wheat/dairy/eggs/sugar, take supplements that make you feel crappy (initially), make yourself get to bed earlier, or develop a workout routine. I'm not expecting you to be perfect, but I ask that you give things your best try.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you ever gone outside your comfort zone? How did it go?

  • Was it really that uncomfortable? What did you learn?

  • How did it change you? Did it make you a better person?

If you have done this and you're the type of person who doesn't let fear stop you (at least not for long), then you’ve got this one down!

3. You Know It’s Time to Put Yourself First

I always seem to come back to this one because us women aren’t usually very good at this. We aren’t raised to put ourselves first because we're told "it’s selfish." Our needs are supposed to come after everyone else’s because that’s what a good, kind, nice woman does.

We wear ourselves down, bend over backwards, and put ourselves in uncomfortable or even dangerous situations because we’re too scared to say "no."

It’s no different when it comes to your health. We suffer in silence and tell ourselves that we don’t have the money, we shouldn’t spend so much on ourselves, we’re doing just fine, and it isn’t that bad. We make up excuses for why we’re not taking care of ourselves.

But I'm here to tell you that you are worthy and deserving of feeling great and living a healthy life purely because you are you. You don’t need to do anything to earn it. You’re not putting anyone else last by putting yourself first. By taking care of yourself, you can be a better mom, wife, partner, grandmother, employee, or boss. You’re going to be able to give the people in your life the best of you and you’ll see ripple effects as you make yourself a priority.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you putting others' needs ahead of your own? In what areas of your life?

  • Do you feel resentful towards anyone in your life because you're giving more than you're receiving?

  • Have you practiced self-care today? This week? This month? What can you do to create a routine that nourishes you?

4. You Believe It Can Get Better

You don’t make major changes in your life unless you believe, even a little bit, that you can be successful and it can get better. You have to have some confidence in your ability to follow through and make the tough changes that are required of you. Things may look pretty bleak right now, but hold onto that little part of you that hopes for better days. That little voice is telling you the truth and wants to see you be happy and healthy. Listen to it.

Think about when you’ve been faced with tough challenges. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How did you feel going into challenging situations in the past?

  • What pushed you to try?

  • How have challenges increased your confidence in yourself?

5. You Want to Be Involved in Your Health Care

You want to be active in this process, not passive. You might have felt brushed off by past providers, but you’re looking for something different. The most successful clients follow through with recommendations and stick to appointments. They communicate well and ask questions to gain clarity about the treatment plan. They reach out for help when they need it.

I’m here to listen to your concerns and give an objective point of view. I’m not here to judge you and I don’t believe there is such a thing as a “stupid” question. Doctor means “teacher” and I take that role seriously. If you have a question, I have an answer!

6. You Have Realistic Expectations

This has been a reason that I've said "no" to potential clients in the past. There is no magic pill that's going to take away all your issues tomorrow. You've likely been dealing with them for months or years and it's going to take at least that long to resolve them.

Some people are looking for a quick fix and if I determine that someone is expecting me to work miracles for them, I will decline to work with them. Those expectations set us up for a lose-lose situation because they won't get the results they're looking for and we'll both end up disappointed and frustrated.

Natural treatments can take longer, because deep down, this medicine is about long term changes. It's not an easy fix and it takes effort on your part. Natural medicine can be profoundly effective, but it's not a magic pill. If you're not willing to make the changes, invest the money, and follow the protocols, then maybe you're just not ready yet. That's okay. But be truthful with yourself about where you are, what you're willing to do and what you hope to get out of our work together.

If you're at a point where you can't live like this anymore and you're willing to do anything it takes, then you're ready and I'd love to get on a call and discuss your goals further.


I go into 6 qualities that I look for in potential clients that I believe help them to achieve their health and wellness goals. The qualities are you know exactly why you’re doing this; you’re willing and ready to get outside your comfort zone, you know it’s time to put yourself first, you believe it can get better, you want to be involved in your health care, and you have realistic expectations.

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In health,

Dr. Jamie

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